Free Childminder & Early Years Training in London

The Pan London Early Years Sector Skills (PLEYSS) programme covers a range of boroughs within Pan London and is fully inclusive across age, race and gender.

Our programme is specifically aimed at solving the recruitment crisis the Early Years sector is currently experiencing with a geographic focus in the boroughs of Pan London. The programme offers early years courses and childminder courses for unemployed people living in London as well as support with employability training and the English and Maths qualifications if required.

What is Pan London Early Sector Skills?

Funded by the Mayor of London and the European Social Fund, PLEYSS, is a dedicated training programme for developing skills within the Early Years sector in the London area. The programme is powered by private training provider, Professional Training Solutions.


 Learners will gain a recognised sector-based qualification and receive Employability training, helping them to become more employable. All learners will be guaranteed an interview at the end of their training. 


Individuals who undergo the training programme must be aged between 16-69, not currently in education, are unemployed and living in London. They should be looking to pursue a career in the Early Years sector!


The programme offers two different learning routes. Depending on the preference, learners will achieve a Level 2 or Level 3 qualification, setting them up perfectly for employment within the Early Years Sector.

The Mayor’s European Social Fund (ESF) 2019-2023 Programme

Project Objective: Support adults and young people to gain relevant skills and qualifications through the PLEYSS training programme and ultimately find work in the Early Years sector. Diversify the sector workforce.