Learner Success

28th January, 2022


Our learner is a resident in the Borough of Tower Hamlets having previously worked with children as a teaching assistant, and later promoted to a teacher, in a private school as well having worked in
schools abroad teaching English for 7-14year olds. She demonstrates a passion for supporting others to achieve and develop and is focused on her own development and progression.
Following her previous experience working with children she is very keen to develop her career in the Early Years sector and wants to focus on her own development in a more professional environment around London.
The PLEYSS programme offering ‘Level 2 Caring for Children and Young People Course’ combined with the ‘Level 3 in Paediatric First Aid’ provides her with the opportunity to build on her previous experience, achieve these qualifications and receive the support to get a job interview for positions within Early Years.


The three main reasons for our learner joining the programme were to develop CV writing skills, interview skills and build confidence. She believed that her lack of confidence was a result of being out of work for some time, and felt that this course would help her to develop interview techniques and aid her return to work.
She is keen to gain employment within a nursery setting in and around London – which is at the core of the PLEYSS programme objectives.


Our learner was extremely happy with the sessions provided and especially impressed by the CV skills
training sessions. Having attended previous CV writing skills that were recommended, she felt our sessions were more beneficial and unique.
She feels much more confident from the Employability Training part of the programme as it improved her outlook on finding much more sustainable employment.