Learner Success Story

13th April, 2022


Our learner moved to London in 2019 with aspirations for a career in acting. Due to being self-employed and the impacts of the pandemic on the acting industry she sought out an alternative career in childcare to support herself financially. She was on Universal Credit and the PLEYSS programme was suggested by her work coach as an opportunity to increase her skills.
The childcare pathway of the programme appealed to her as she was keen to learn and take advantage of different types of childcare employment opportunities.

The main objective for our learner was to achieve a recognised qualification to compliment her work experience, as well as updating her First Aid training which is also included in the programme. As the training was conducted online and at no cost she was very pleased!
Within the programme we also offer employability support and our learner was extremely grateful for the support and resources that she received. The employability resources include: hints, tips and advice on securing more work for the future.
She will receive her Level 2 Certificate in Introducing Caring for Children and Young People and Level 3 Paediatric First Aid, both are recognised qualifications within the EY industry. She already has childcare work lined up and is working on upgrading her entire CV and applying to agencies for future opportunities.


Through the programme, our learner feels more confident around safeguarding children and specifically the nutritional needs of children. Learning about the development of babies, toddlers and younger children has been crucial for her future as a more diverse and employable childcare professional.
One of the many takeaways for our learner was securing the knowledge of Child protection and legislation to keep herself and the children she looks after, safe, happy and healthy. Our learner gave us this quote:

“The project is supportive and each team member is approachable and helpful. This course has marked a pivotal moment in my childcare career, making me a more knowledgeable, qualified and employable candidate”.

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