100’s of Early Years vacancies across London nursery settings

8th July, 2022

The Early Years sector is amidst a recruitment crisis as they endeavour to recruit and retain quality team members across their settings to provide care for future generations.   It is imperative to have a recruitment strategy that enables them to create a sustainable long term workforce so that the settings can provide consistent care to the children.   A key part of their recruitment strategy is to ensure career progression and investment in training is top priority – such as apprenticeships, diplomas, continued professional development with short courses.   Another important element is offering flexible working patterns, such as job shares, competitive rates of pay and to champion equality and diversity across their businesses.

We are working with national day nurseries to promote their vacancies as part of our PLEYSS programme to support employment across London boroughs.  There are a range of vacancies, offering hours and locations to help us match individuals based on their personal circumstances and desires for employment.  By completing our programme it can help you take the first step to employment with a guaranteed interview with one of our partners.

The Early Years sector is in the midst of a recruitment crisis as it strives to build quality teams to provide the best care to our younger generations.     Part of this strategy is to promote career progression and investment in training, offer flexible hours and champion diversity and equality.


If you are interested in discussing seeking employment or offering vacancies please contact us [email protected]